Quality Translations as Key to Success.

With about 30 years of experience in the fields of IT, engineering and business, we are specialists in communicating content to people in a way that matters to them.
In high-tech technical translations, we have always been up-to-date with the latest technical and digital innovations. Thus we are proud to work with market leaders and innovators in a highly committed and profound way – helping them to shape the world of tomorrow.
With Syntagma your know-how is in good hands.

As a privately owned company  we value personal relationships, competence and short communication paths. Being close to our customers, we manage translation projects efficiently and without bureaucracy. In addition, we may support you with corporate language management and corporate wording to establish a unique company language.

Our core languages are English | GermanGerman | English.

You can always count on our profound know-how and our distinct sense of language. Based on our long-term expertise we know how to translate technical texts and marketing texts, software and websites and other kind of texts in an accurate and polished way. And we help you to ensure you are understood in a correct way in your target region by taking cultural differences into account. As experienced language specialists, we are always mindful of the appropriate style and tone. We know that your company content is a valuable asset that is based on profound intellectual and material efforts, and we treat it with care and diligence.

We use state-of-art translation and term management tools to ensure smooth and efficent workflows which are the foundation of consistent, high-end translations tailored to the intended audience.

Profound Marketing Translations & Transcreation

It is not only what you say, but also how you say it: this is especially true for profound translations of brochures, flyers, press releases, and other creative content such as company reports and others. Here style and emotions play a vital role. Rather than a „straightforward“ translation a more creative approach is required here. The difference between a good translation and an outstanding one is resting on the translator’s creative skills. In a so called transcreation we tailor your texts to your marketing and business objectives taking the key messages and nuances into account. Alternatively we can also rewrite it from scratch.

We cooperate with renowned partners to support you in creating appealing marketing content for your target audience – not only with content and language but also with design and cross-media publications. You will get everything from a single source and do not need to worry about things that are not related to your core business.

We support you in getting your messages across.


  • Automotive
  • Databases and applications
  • Printing/digital printing
  • Hardware/Software
  • Healthcare
  • Information technology
  • Human Resources
  • Telecommunications/mobile communications
  • Agreements
  • Commercial & financial areas
  • Art

Why Syntagma?

Professional Service

The use of modern CAT and terminology tools standardizes the translation process, ensures consistency and allows leveraging of existing translations.

Fast and Flexible

Short communication paths guarantee fast completion of projects without sacrificing quality. Quotes are submitted quickly and are easy to understand.

Full Service

Everything from a single source: In cooperation with renowned partners we are able to offer you the complete content design for Web, social media and print, including DTP, layout and proofreading.

Consistent Terminology

Terminology tuning and maintenance: adaption to corporate terminology and creation of customer termbases.


Updating already translated texts saves time and costs compared to translating from scratch.

Close to our Customers

Privately run and always listening to your concerns. Know-how Made in Germany.