Petra Klein & Doris Heidenberger

Entering New Markets

Pre- and Post-Merger Support for Chinese Investors in Germany

By nature men are nearly alike, in practice they get to be wide apart.

Confucius, Lun Yu


The world has become smaller, but culture and habits continue to differ. Despite any differences Chinese and Germans have some vital characteristics in common – industriousness, smartness and a culture that goes back several thousand years. However doing business in a foreign country always means entering in a new culture and has to be planned well in advance. The economic, legal and cultural framework in Germany is not the same as in China. Thus Chinese investors and companies often face severe challenges in entering the German speaking market. Here we can help you to open doors into a new market.

Your business development partner in the German speaking region (DACH – Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

We support investors and companies in a targeted and efficient entry into the German market. We help you establish lasting relationships with German partners and clients to ensure your business investment has a firm base. Your success is our top priority!

Phase 1 – Market Entry

We support you with the following services:

  • Market research and analysis of your target market – to get a detailed overview of the environment of your business project
  • Feasibility studies and strategies for market entry – to enable a targeted implementation of your business projects
  • Investment calculations – to give you an overview of the economics of your project
  • Selection partners and site – to place your project at the perfect site with the right partners next to you
  • Project management – to implement your investment in an efficient and timely way, so that you are always up to date and informed about the status of your project.
  • Establishing contacts with authorities, municipal administrations, and potential future business partners – to establish reliable relationships and to comply with any formalities
  • Adjusting your brand or product design to the style of the German speaking market – alignment with your clients’ regional style and to increase acceptance in the German-speaking market

In case of complex tax and legal issues we liaise closely with competent experts of our long-term qualified network.

Phase 2 – Operational Phase and Business Development

  • Defining a communications strategy – to improve brand awareness among the public, in social media and in the world wide web
  • Project management also during implementation – to prevent issues related to the different cultures
  • Change support in the company through professional change management and change communication – to realize changes in a targeted way and in agreement with all stakeholders
  • Continuous project monitoring, reporting and controlling tailored to your needs – to ensure that you have an overview of the development of your investment at all times

Why Syntagma?

We help you achieve a smooth market entry, and this helps you reduce costs. Our strategic consulting enables rapid access to new markets and investments to save time, money and effort. Your brand will achieve a high public reputation. Mutual understanding creates a foundation of trust between you and your German partners and clients – this is the basis of doing good business and establishing long-term business relationships.